The Dish

A recent meeting with the QA manager from one of the largest sandwich chains in the U.S. had this to say about HPP:

“ I reviewed 80-day old Roast Beef products from the SAME LOT from Vincent Giordano. One of the samples was frozen and thawed under refrigeration, the other sample had never been frozen, but rather it was put through the HPP.
There were no appreciable differences between the two products, the flavor, texture and all visual appearances were the same.
Further, during our cutting I asked our operations manager if he thought that refrigerated roast beef with a 120-day shelf life was preferable to the current frozen item. He said he thought refrigerated roast beef would be a benefit to the system.
Lab results were also reviewed showing that product that had been “dosed” with several different types of pathogens showed negative for those pathogens after the HPP treatment.”

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