Safe Pac’s Guy Giordano in the News!

Safe Pac’s Guy Giordano was interviewed for an article on HPP recently. Check it out here:

Vincent Giordano Corp and Safe Pac’s very own Rising Star, Justine Giordano!

Rising Star

Justine Giordano was nominated as one of Meat and Poultry Magazine’s Rising Stars in their most recent issue.  Justine has been doing a wonderful job for both companies and we congratulate her on all her success and thank her for her hard work.  To read the full article click on the “Rising Star” link above.

What Food Safety Measures Are You Taking?

Guy Giordano of Vincent Giordano Corporation talks about the food safety measures he took when faced with a Listeria scare in 2005.  He turned to High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) by purchasing an HPP machine in order to protect his product and create a promising future for his brands. highlights Guy Giordano’s efforts in a recent article.  CLICK HERE to read!

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Safe Pac in Food Processing Magazine

CLICK HERE to see the latest article highlighting Safe Pac’s HPP Process in Food Processing Magazine (Article located on page 52).

Safe Pac in Meat and Poultry Magazine!

Follow the link to see a sneak peek of an article on Safe Pac’s food safety efforts that will be featured in Meat and Poultry Magazine in the next upcoming weeks. Safe Pac is featured on pages 20-23…Enjoy! CLICK HERE!

Vincent Giordano Corporation recommends Safe Pac for your HPP needs!

Check out this link recommending HPP for your food safety needs…


Subway’s September Newsletter featuring Safe Pac!


And the award goes to….

Congratulations to Guy Giordano on receiving the Subway Leadership Award this past weekend at the Subway Convention in California!

To see the video highlighting Guy Giordano’s leadership abilities at both Vincent Giordano Corporation and Safe Pac Pasteurization, LLC copy this link into your web browser: , download, and enjoy!

Under Pressure?

In this economy, the pressure to keep a business running smoothly and efficiently is obviously not an easy task. The decisions a business owner must make are crucial to their success no matter how large or small the decision may be. Its amazing what a little pressure can do, right?

With the use of High Pressure Pasteurization we’re ameliorating the stress business owners are facing by handling the pressure- all 87,000 PSI of it. We are making foods safer and fresher with the use of HPP and helping food processors protect their brands and build their business. A recent article in Meat and Poultry magazine explains some of the strides were taking at Safe Pac. Take a look and see what HPP can do for you and your business. Click HERE for Article!

Jump on the Bandwagon: The Rapid Assimilation of HPP into the Food Industry…

High Pressure Pasteurization seems to be rapidly assimilating into the food industry faster than anyone could have imagined. Safe Pac recognized that this innovative technology would soon take over the food industry, and as we head into our sixth month of production we are seeing, experiencing and living the growth and adaptation of the industry right in front of us. More and more companies, large and small, are looking to HPP as a necessity for the continued success of their individual brands.

Recently, international powerhouse, Cargill, implented the high pressure pasteurization system to keep their foods fresher and safer for their clients and customers throughout world. During a February interview in Food Safety News V.M. Balasubramaniam, a researcher at the Department of Food Science and Technology at Ohio State University “pointed out that, to date, there have been no foodborne illness outbreaks connected to foods that have been processed using HPP (Article in Full: Food Safety News Online).”

At Safe Pac we are happy to help you as a customer, potential customer, or consumer live a happy, healthy life by using our revolutionary system to keep foods fresher and safer. For more information on the advantages of HPP Please visit our website by clicking HERE.